1. Broadway Bomb 2014: Longboarders on Broadway (rooftop view). Full article by the Gothamist: http://gothamist.com/2014/10/18/video_skateboarders_barrel_through.php #BroadwayBomb

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  2. Team MuirBaseWingTang smangin’ NYC city streets in the #sector9 #RaceToTheRockSpots. #thankyouskateboarding #swerve #screamin05 @muirskate @wheelbasemag @earthwingnyc @orangatangwheels Proudly repped by @bandiesel @_stevekong @_ricker_ @hyposethis @smitty4prez #muirskate #wheelbasemag #earthwing #orangatangwheels #BroadwayBomb (at Washington Square Park)

  3. Team MuirBaseWingTang smangin’ NYC city streets in the #sector9 #RaceToTheRockSpots. #thankyouskateboarding #swerve #screamin05 @muirskate @wheelbasemag @earthwingnyc @orangatangwheels Proudly repped by @bandiesel @_stevekong @_ricker_ @hyposethis @smitty4prez #muirskate #wheelbasemag #earthwing #orangatangwheels #BroadwayBomb (at Washington Square Park)

  4. @sector9 #RaceToTheRockSpots was such a sick way to end #BroadwayBomb weekend. Team MuirBaseWingTang took home first place, $100 and some rad rocker vests after scavenger hunting our way to 8 famous rock spots through Manhattan. Amazing times with the homies from @muirskate @earthwingnyc, #sector9 & @wheelbasemag… Funnest Bomb weekend ever, it’s gonna be sad to leave NYC! #cantstopwohop
    📷: @_ricker_ (at Washington Square Park)

  5. #BroadwayBomb was the dopest! Such good times with the homies in NYC. No police, no injuries, and hundreds of skaters mobbing the city streets.. Time to celebrate 🍻 (at Wall Street)

  6. Crushing through traffic with @orangatangwheels teammate @camibeast at #BroadwayBomb. We ripped together for probably 4 of the 8 miles.. She is FAST. The Bomb was awesome - no cops, no injuries, pure fun mobbing through the city with the homies! #broadwaybomb2014 #orangatang #orangatangkegel #orangatangwheels (at New York, New York)

  7. Well would you look at that.. @wheelbasemag print edition, Issue Two in the house in NYC with the Editor in Chief himself, @bandiesel. Stoked to read through some quality, unbiased photo and text journalism - “A songbird, not a parrot” #wheelbasemag #roni #jammedonroni (at Bushwick/Williamsburg)

  8. Stalking @717scootmcgoot through the chicane entry in #SoldiersOfDownhill pre-quarters. My plan to draft throughout the course and pass after the chicane backfired after I blew my line, but it was a blast riding tight through this fast, intimidating course in the very last heat of my very first race season. Soldiers was a perfect end cap!
    Massive thanks to my sponsors, supporters and otherwise providers of the excellent equipment that has kept me riding safe and fast all year:
    @gformprotects @predatorhelmets
    #loadedboards #orangatangwheels #gform #predatorhelmets #njk #njkleathers #safetymeetingapparel #paristrucks #roguetrucks #ojoom

  9. Drifting the righty at #AcmeDH.
    Photo: @barnardphoto

    @orangatangwheels #Kegels have quickly become my favorite DH wheel, ever (especially the purps). Huge thanks to #orangatang for the generous urethane support throughout the race season. I started off dubious about Kegels; I finished deeply in love. #orangatangwheels #orangatangkegel #lipsthatgrip #loadedboards #cantellated

  10. Very excited for the launch of DGM, a true artistic, ad-free endeavor with the focus purely on premium skate photography. The layout is huge (literally and figuratively), and beautiful. It’s been fun learning about the planning stages from Aaron Breetwor and this Kickstarter campaign spells it all out nicely for the public. Consider becoming a backer; even if you only get the first issue, you’ll have an entire collection of readymade wallbanger poster material.

    In other fun skate/longboard print media news.. don’t sleep on the 2nd, recently-released print edition of Wheelbase Magazine! Can’t wait to pick mine up in NYC this weekend. It’s great to see our scene maturing and developing on many fronts, with great photographic and textual storytelling to accompany. Support those who support the growth of our industry! -MG

  11. @midsvan / #midslids picked up a new lid at #SoldiersOfDH. #thisisimportant (at The Neversink River)

  12. Extra heavy finals at #SoldiersOfDH! Adam, Aaron, Max and Matt riding super tight at 55mph through the chicane.
    1. @knewtan
    2. @a_swag211 
    3. @maxwippermann
    4. @matt_deitch
    Had a blast and #teammids was out for a major rip. Great way to finish the season and stoked to have made it through 3 rounds safely. Next stop: surgery. #M4L (at Bainbridge, Ohio)

  13. Showed yung cuz @big_girard66 the #SkateCentralMA slide jam hill and went for a quick rip together before starting the long drive to Bainbridge, OH. Off to pick up the #midslid boys for my first #SoldiersOfDH. Good luck at your tourney Ethan!

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    Once again Andrea Pries goes ahead and blows everyones mind with the amazing drawing on a 2011 wolfshark!


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  15. weedtoskate:

    Milton Martinez Backside 180 Los Angeles

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