1. Congratulations to @charlesouimet, overall winner of the first annual @pushculture DH Cup and 3rd place finisher at #acmeDH.
    The east coast really stepped up this year, with the #pccup linking together 7 awesome events into a full series between NY, MA & VT. Everyone progressed a ton and I can’t wait for even more excitement and high caliber racing next year. Shoutout to @restlessboards for helping support this new series, and to the other organizers who put in endless work to make it all happen. It’s been real! All that’s left now on my 2014 skate schedules is Soldiers and wrist surgery 👌 (at Welcome To New York)

  2. Congrats to the #acmeDH podium!
    1. @kylewesterskate
    2. @jackognarsteeze
    3. @charlesouimet
    4. @daveapplecheerios (at New York State Line)

  3. Had a blast racing ACME DH, last stop of the Push Culture DH Cup and last east coast race of the year. Homie @matt_deitch and I are out but filming some fun tuns. Footy coming soon! Time to watch consis and finals 🏁🏁 #acmeDH #pushculture (at Welcome To New York)

  4. Laying out the guidelines at the #CentralMass5 Slide Jam riders’ meeting.
    Working on my recap now, it’s gonna be a banger! Tons of awesome shots by @khaleeqovision (like this one), with additional photo contributions by @Robcwilliams, @_stevekong, @barnardphoto, Ellen Harasimowicz and more. Prepare your appetites for a visual feast of substantial proportions.

  5. Tight train at #CentralMass5. @liam_lbdr_ eating @charlesouimet’s draft, with two more in tow.
    Photo credit: Ellen Harasimowicz© (at Town of Harvard, Massachusetts)

  6. nosviessanslundis:

    Way to start race day at #centralmass5 : @nycl_sam got out of the bed to do a shot gun while waking up @traviswsoul sleeping on the amazing kicker ramp of Sunday’s slide jam. #skatecentralMA #NYCL #skaterbros (à Girard’s Mansion)

    The only thing missing from this photo is the hip coping

  7. bustinboards:

    Refrain from @timeshipracing, @williamroyce throwing a toeside at the #centralmass5 slide jam. #teambustin #skateeverything

  8. petercrocemusic:

    Aero Media took some rad shots at #centralmass5 last weekend. This is a personal favorite.


  9. Central Mass is therefore one of those events that isn’t just about skateboarding, it’s about community and experimentation. It opens up the doors for cross platform skateboarding, creating an environment that not only fosters the development and showcasing of new styles across a range of disciplines, but also encourages the participation and co-mingling between these different styles, leading to a more unified industry. It is for this reason why we must continue to champion events such as Central Mass. They stand not to isolate and divide up the different genres of skateboarding, but in-fact to unite them under one tumultuous, raucous roof.”

    Great Central Mass 5 event recap featuring photos and words by Ari Chamasmany and video by Adam Crigler. Worth the read, look and watch! -MG

  10. RUNNING TRAIN. Mega draft train at Central Mass 5. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred. -MG

  11. Blunt flip to fakie. Rider: Token. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred for Central Mass 5. This dude RIPPED and took 2nd (and $250) in our mini ramp jam. -MG


    (Source: youtube.com)

  13. "Shredding It" - #CentralMass5 is front page and centerfold news in this week’s issue of The Harvard Press (Vol.8, No.35). Great photos and journalism - check it out online at harvardpress.com!
    [Corrections: Alicia* Fillback from Portland, OR*; 25%* growth from 2013]

    Full URL:
    #skatecentralma (at Town of Harvard, Massachusetts)

  14. Regram from @loadedboards - bombing the #centralmass5 race hill, radio in ear en route to catch results and the shuttle bus. Huge thanks to Loaded, a #skatecentralma event sponsor since the very beginning 5 years ago (and my own board sponsor for nearly 4 years). Our family is strong and I’m proud to be a part of it! Check out my intensive recap, hitting the #loadedboards blog in the next week or so.

  15. Central Mass 5 Recap - Wheelbase Magazine.
    Check out the official video above; you can find it, plus photos and words by the homies Seth Brown and Marcus Bandy (and myself) via http://www.wheelbasemag.com/central-mass-5-event-recap/. Enjoy!! -MG