1. amandapowell:

    Fellow eastcoaster Coop railing turns in Malibu.

  4. Omar Salazar

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  5. thisislongboarding:

    2014 Predator DH6 lineup.

  6. gnarvibesx:

    Get amped for Catalina!

    The folks from Riviera and the rest of Resource Distribution will host the awesome Catalina Island Classic on May 3-4. I’m honored to step in as this year’s race marshal. Hope to see you there!  -MG

  7. skatetravelparty:


    Skateboarding and coffee. What more do you need?

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  8. emgeemann:

    Dance. Photo by MG.

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  9. Draft train

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  10. Ithaca Skate Jam - Saturday, April 26th - Gun Hill, Ithaca, NY.

    Be there! -MG

  11. gnarvibesx:

    Bombsquad team kills it so hard. 


  12. I’ve been using my records all wrong.

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  14. Hiked a couple leathered-up practice runs at the Madison County Gravity Fest hill today. It’s a great road - can’t wait to race it this summer. Munnsville, NY’s fine fauna are good spectators. Perfect way to wrap up a very successful Entrepreneurship Weekend at Colgate! #colgateuniversity #eweekend

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    Dibujando el mundo

    Más en este tumblr

    Very cool

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