1. "Shredding It" - #CentralMass5 is front page and centerfold news in this week’s issue of The Harvard Press (Vol.8, No.35). Great photos and journalism - check it out online at harvardpress.com!
    [Corrections: Alicia* Fillback from Portland, OR*; 25%* growth from 2013]

    Full URL:
    #skatecentralma (at Town of Harvard, Massachusetts)

  2. Regram from @loadedboards - bombing the #centralmass5 race hill, radio in ear en route to catch results and the shuttle bus. Huge thanks to Loaded, a #skatecentralma event sponsor since the very beginning 5 years ago (and my own board sponsor for nearly 4 years). Our family is strong and I’m proud to be a part of it! Check out my intensive recap, hitting the #loadedboards blog in the next week or so.

  3. Central Mass 5 Recap - Wheelbase Magazine.
    Check out the official video above; you can find it, plus photos and words by the homies Seth Brown and Marcus Bandy (and myself) via http://www.wheelbasemag.com/central-mass-5-event-recap/. Enjoy!! -MG

  4. Sweeping the course after a round of #centralmass5 racing, en route to gather results from @m3ntale36 then hop back on the shuttle bus. Nice to get a little skating in on race day, and it feels pretty damn cool to hear radio communication through your earpiece while bombing.. Very fighter jet-esque. #skatecentralma Photo by “Hippy Steve” Sabia (at Town of Harvard, Massachusetts)

  5. Measuring biggest air at #CentralMass5. Congrats to Eddie Henriquez for taking it with style, inching out @williamroyce at a substantial 27’. #skatecentralma

  6. The town is once again quiet, but some traces of the event briefly remain. Still in the thick of #centralmass5 cleanup, but thankfully at a more relaxed pace. #skatecentralma #thanegalore

  7. @danielfissmer sending it at the #centralmass5 Biggest Air contest. #skatecentralma #latergram (at Town of Harvard, Massachusetts)

  8. #CENTRALMASS5 MINI RAMP IS GOING OFF! #skatecentralma (at Harvard General Store)

  9. Something big is brewing…
    See y’all in 12 hours! (at Harvard, MA)

  10. #CentralMass5 banners and start/finish lines are here and look AWESOME! Massive thanks to @divinewheelco and all the homies at #ResourceDist for printing some of dopest dope ya ever dun’ seen! S/O to the homie @camdownhill for his help with the bracketology, and much love to our 4 lovely “Harvard Hero” presenting sponsors: #DivineWheels, @loadedboards, @beartrucks & @gformprotects. Now.. Back to ramp building.

    #skatecentralma #loadedboards #beartrucks #gform (at Harvard, Massachusetts)

  11. #Sofreshandsoclean. 33 cherry and maple #centralmass5 custom-engraved medals are here and ready for poly finish & chains. #skatecentralma #loadedboards #beartrucks #divinewheels @loadedboards @beartrucks @divinewheelco (at Town of Harvard, Massachusetts)

  12. Heavy action in the #dhthrowdown finals. 63mph pack riding tight into the hairpin. Results:
    1: @maximgarant
    2: @f_cooper_d
    3: @normayne
    4: @dexmanning
    5: @charlesouimet
    6: @bdesnyder
    Congrats homies, you make me proud. See you in <1week at #CentralMass5! #downhillthrowdown

  13. Pro DH racing has started at Killington #downhillthrowdown! @kevinlefrank @matt_deitch (at Killington Peak K-1 Gondola)

  14. Yung Lean. Tracking @jgtraynor in the fast left at #gravityfest this weekend. Photo by Ross Earhart. #munnsville #gravityfest9

  15. #CentralMass5 custom-engraved medal proofs are back from the laser guru and looking fresh! Can’t wait to see these in the flesh. Podium finishers will not only be taking home $5,000 in cash, but also some fly-ass hardware around their necks. #skatecentralma @loadedboards @divinewheelco #loadedboards #divinewheels #divinewheelco (at Harvard, Massachusetts)