1. Made it to #Bristol! #longboard trip on the #dervish sama. 14mi return trip ahead of me (Taken with Instagram)

  2. Alec and Chris are going to be stoked. -MG

  3. cstone90:

    Skater: Mike Girard  Photo: Cam Stone   Location: Boston, MA, Charles Esplanade, On the Dock!!!

    Mikey Dockin his nose all up on the Charles Rivaaaah!

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  4. cstone90:

    Skater: Mike GirardLocation: Charles River, Boston, MA.

    Myself w/ a toeside check on the Sama on Charles River Esplanade, #Boston. <3 that dirty water! Follow Cameron’s new Tumblr to stay up on his new work! -MG

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  5. cstone90:

    Skate Day with my best homey Mike Girard along the Charles River in good ole #Boston. Hadn’t seen him in a while, he’s finally done with school, stoked he’s working for G-Form!

    Check on the new Dervish Sama on Otang Baluts in #Boston. Dope shot, Cam!

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  6. Just landed a solid apartment in #Providence, posted up at a coffee shop with my new #loaded #dervish #sama #longboard looking through some new #longboarding photos from #boston this weekend. Stoked! (Taken with instagram)


    Londonlongboards: haha you have an orangatang mug

    I just stuck an orange Otang sticker on my Thermos haha

  8. Generations 2 & 3 Dervishes. @Loaded_Boards

  9. Shipping off to #boston with these bad boys from @Loaded_Boards. #longboard #longboarding #dervish #sama #tantien (Taken with instagram)

  10. Sama Shuvit, Adam Stokowski. Source: Loaded / Orangatang Flickr.

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  11. kashdollars said: Hi, man, great content, great company, i own a loaded dervish, and i'm curious to what your oppinions of the new sama is?

    Thank you! I have loved the Dervish since I first got one when they came out - I rode a flex 2 for a while, then got a flex 1 just over 2 years ago, still riding strong. However, for a while I’ve been wishing it had some more width, concave, grip and kicks, so the new Sama takes care of each of those, while adding some nose & tail durability with the extra fiberglass. I’m stoked on it! -Mike

  12. SAMA. -MG

  14. Loaded Dervish Sama - Concave Shot.  

    sslocal530Can we get a concave shot?
  15. Loaded Dervish Sama, pt1. [pt.2] Photo by Mike Girard.