1. Team Mids - Windham 2014 - Push Culture News. Hilarious raw run at #ILoveDH this weekend in Windham, NY. -MG

  2. rchlcat:

    Awesome switch toeside of the boy from a trip to western MA!

    Norm Plante being a G. #M4L -MG

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  3. teammids:

    Norm Plante. M4L

  4. Dat’s my Midsboy Norm Plante. [Source video] -MG

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  5. Norm ollie’ing his Comet like a bau5.

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  6. Woodland Toeside. Norman Plante keeps his check well-rooted. -Mike

  7. skatedistrict:

    Norman Plante stalefish. Orangatang Wheels, 80a Fat Free.

    Want this image as a poster? Click here.

    Dope snap from today’s session here in Harvard, MA. Norm ripping in his 2nd Annual Central MA event tee! Myself looking on wistfully in the background.

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  8. Skateboarding: Town Hall. Norman Plante goes large on 83a Otang Baluts. Fun fact: Norm is goofy. A lot / most of this is switch. -MG

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    Mike; toe side 180. Followed by Norm and Eric, as Coop changes wheels

    Dope snap, Sam! Bonus: Peter bringing up the rear in his aero spandex bodysuit. -Mike

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  10. Orangatang Balut - East Coast Style. Check out homies Norman Plante and Ben DeSnyder going big on the new Orangatang Baluts and loving every minute of it. Look out of Norm’s gigantic toesides and switch toeside checks like a bau5. Norm and Ben are loving the wheels - check out Norm’s feedback (from YT):

    Euphorethane is AMAZING, much more durable than regular Otang thane, but still super buttery and predictable. The combination of the wheels being super light and the enhanced durability of Euphorethane seems to make them want to keep spinning fast during long slides. the faster the wheels spinning, the more even the wear. With proper technique, these things will stay super round right down to the core (getting there not being a very quick process either).” -Norm

    P.S they are mad fast too”


  11. SkateTheEast: “Mike Girard Brings Some East Coast Swagger to Europe”

    Stoked on the article published by SkateTheEast on my “Ambassador Abroad” video mini-series! Check out the article here: http://www.skatetheeast.net/2012/01/video-mike-girard-brings-some-east-coast-swagger-to-europe/. Excerpt: 

    At this point I don’t think it’s a secret that we like what Mike Girard does on a skateboard and the videos he produces. He’s almost constantly producing new edits showcasing him and friends (such as Norman Plante, Eric Roth, and Graham Feddersen) throwing down hard and repping Central MA like no one else. Mike traveled abroad to study in Dijon, France for the spring of his junior year at Colgate University where it appears that while French may have been his major concentration while abroad, longboarding was a solid minor. Released in two parts Mike edited more than 15 minutes of footage showcasing some awesome and mouthwatering downhill runs, juicy freeride and downhill freeride spots and some great freestyle moves. Part II isn’t just freestyle, or dancing, however, as Mike also got some great shots ditch skating in what looks to be one of the more spots I’ve ever seen.

    While Spain might be getting most of the attention when it comes to longboarding in Europe, Girard did a great job showing that France has some rising stars and unreal runs.

    Stoked! Thanks for the kind words!!!


  12. Take the Plunge, Bro.

    Mini edit from yesterday’s rad DH/freeride/kicker session, featuring Norman Plante and Eric Roth of Stretch House Media. Eric and Norm ride for Eden Racing, and are Orangatang Product Development Team riders. Filmed and edited by me.


  13. Norman Plante. Certified shredder.

    For a sample of Norm’s gnar, check out Swag Shuffle and Go Skateboarding. The dude goes BIG.


  14. Start Wearing Purple.

    Goofy lil edit by John Hubert of today’s session. Skating, putting, and tartar sauce up in the stache. Check out my edit of this session here.