1. orangatangwheels:

    Patrick Switzer

    photo: Sam Weaver


  2. skatedistrict:

    Patrick Switzer, Maryhill

    Awesome shot, Sam. -MG

    (via downhillamor)

  3. blueskylongboards:

    Patrick Switzer at I Love Downhill. Photo by botofusup - Blair Caldwell

  4. Patrick Switzer rails the last left during a warmup run. Photo by me. -MG


  5. Hey everybody!

  6. patrickswitzer:

    Thanks to Aera trucks for the tasty new black K4’s. (Taken with Instagram at Summerland, BC)

    After much testing, I’ve decided that if I ever buy precisions, they’ll be Aeras. -MG

  7. patrickswitzer:

    Arms up, or arms down? James & I smashing solid lines at the Vernon DH (Taken with Instagram)

    Look who’s got a Tumblr! Loving the shot. Can’t wait for our shenanigans at I<3DH. -Mike

  8. Patrick Switzer. Checking out Paul Kent's photos. Photo: Mike Girard

  9. Family Photo! Los Angeles, CA.

    (L to R): Dane Webber, Daniel “Fizz” Fissmer, J Ben Hartley, myself, Maxim Garant Roussea (MGR), Ethan Cochard, Jonathan Douglas, Patrick Switzer (standing), Paul Kent, team manager Darren Ratcliffe and Amanda Powell, out to a nice breakfast before the day’s shredding! -Mike

  10. TIMEBOMB! LA, California.
    Jonathan Douglas and Patrick Switzer clutch the mischievous bomb from the awesome Otang video, Longboarding: Timebomb. A must-watch! -Mike

  11. Ari. Heelside check in Cali on 83a Orangatang Baluts. Photo by Patrick Switzer. -MG

  12. All Hearts. Patrick Switzer and I share a heartful goodbye at LAX as we head back from a week in Cali. The See’s Candies lady is clearly stoked about us grabbing all her chocolate hearts. Patrick headed back to Switzerland while I came back to Boston then re-routed to school. Can’t wait to shred with this dude this summer! It was an awesome week. -Mike

  13. Balut Sliding in Cali. Paul Kent (@fuzzydeer) with a pretty check to match the pretty backdrop. Photo by Patrick Switzer.-MG

  14. Toeside Drift. Myself drifting around a Tuna right hander. Photo by Patrick Switzer on my Canon 60D. -Mike

  15. Drift. Ethan Cochard drifts his way steezily through the corner with a scenic ocean & mountain view as his backdrop. Riding the Loaded DH/Freeride proto on Otang Baluts with G-Form elbow pads. Photo by Patrick Switzer on my Canon 60D. -MG