1. Central Mass is therefore one of those events that isn’t just about skateboarding, it’s about community and experimentation. It opens up the doors for cross platform skateboarding, creating an environment that not only fosters the development and showcasing of new styles across a range of disciplines, but also encourages the participation and co-mingling between these different styles, leading to a more unified industry. It is for this reason why we must continue to champion events such as Central Mass. They stand not to isolate and divide up the different genres of skateboarding, but in-fact to unite them under one tumultuous, raucous roof.”

    Great Central Mass 5 event recap featuring photos and words by Ari Chamasmany and video by Adam Crigler. Worth the read, look and watch! -MG

  2. RUNNING TRAIN. Mega draft train at Central Mass 5. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred. -MG

  3. White Mountains Raw Run - Mike Girard
    Team Mids traveled up to the White Mountains to explore some new terrain this past weekend. Here’s my last run down one of the beauties we found. -MG
    Song: STRFKR “Yayaya,” Film: Pete Lafreniere

  4. Grip It. Windham Mt, NY - 6/21/14. Photo: Ross Earhart, Rider: me

    Super fun racing at I Love DH this weekend! Here’s one of my first runs on the new @orangatangwheels 83a Kegels. Really dug them on this course, especially in the straightaway. My new Predator DH-6 Zen pro model got its first use, flossed out with silver mirror visor. Looking forward to the next race, Gravity Fest in Munnsville, NY! -MG

  5. Railing the lefty. #MLF2014, Mesa De Las Tablas, Mexico. Rider: Mike Girard, gripping after a predrift for the course’s fastest left. Photo series by Claudio Uribe for Onboard Distribution.

  6. Central Mass 5 - Aug 15-17, 2014 - Harvard, MA. 
    $5,000 cash purse. Presenting sponsors: loadedboards, Bear Trucks, Divine Wheel CoG-Form. Official tags: #CentralMass5 #SkateCentralMA.
    Open registration begins June 15th at 8:00PM EST via http://skatecentralMA.com/registration. 
    Find all the essential registration & sponsor info via Wheelbase Magazine's newest post at http://www.wheelbasemag.com/central-mass-5-registration-starts-615/. Start planning your trip, and see you in Harvard!
    -Mike Girard, Organizer

  7. Max Wippermann. #PCFP14. Photo: MG

  8. Rambles Through the Range of Light. Very stoked on this new loadedboards short film, capturing the wide range of capabilities offered by the just-released Overland deck. Slow- to medium-speed DH & freeride, putting, park, street.. hell, Ethan even makes buttboarding look good. Plenty of laughs along the way. Enjoy! -MG

  9. Steezy Steven Sanchez. Push Culture Family Picnic. Sanchez keeps it right and tight with this compact heelside predrift at #PCFP14. Photo: MG

  10. Niko Desmarais, Toeside Prédrift. #PCFP14. Photo by me. -MG

  11. Justin Rolo, Toeside Predrift. Push Culture Family Picnic; Burke Mt., VT. Photo by me. -MG

  12. Toeside Predrift at #MLF2014Photo: Jossy Ricao. Rider: Mike Girard

  13. 70 MPH. I hit 70 this weekend on my skateboard, my fastest top speed by a solid margin. It was intense. Here is the footage! 
    Rider: Mike Girard    Film/edit: Tom Leary

  14. Gripping back up. Pagoda DH - Reading, PA. Rider: Mike Girard, Photo: Ross Earhardt. -MG

  15. thisislongboarding:

    2014 Predator DH6 lineup.