1. thisislongboarding:

    2014 Predator DH6 lineup.

  2. #1 Dad. Another shot of my new NJK leathers, this time from the side. Here’s one for the anti-selfie contingent ;) Mega thanks again to Paris Trucks, G-Form, loadedboards & orangatangwheels for their support! -MG

  3. RDVX Grip - #CantBeStopped2014 trip video. Rad new edit featuring Louis Pilloni, Axel Serrat, Brett Ciabattini, Jimmy Riha and Daniel Luna shredding hard in SoCal. -MG

  4. Leathered Up. Very stoked to be getting my first set of custom leathers, made by the superstar NJK Leathers of San Diego, CA. Ready to tear up the Push Culture DH Cup on the east coast this year and beyond! -MG

  5. Loaded Truncated Tesseract review, by Kyle Ramsey of NoCoast Skate


    Huge thanks to REY trucks for the dialed setup & Thane Magazine for the opportunity to review the new Truncated Tesseract.

    Rider: Kyle Ramsey / Photo: Single Malt

  6. Switch Toeside Check. Malibu, CA: 1.14.14. Rider: Ian Mcsherry. Photo: Mike Girard

  7. Laying thane down thick. Malibu, CA: 1.14.14. Geoff Chapel paints the road with a big heelside check on a famous righty with a beautiful ocean view. Photo by Mike Girard

  8. Switch Check in a Rocky Paradise. San Diego, CA: 1.16.13. Geoff Chapel with a switch standup check through a perilous left hairpin. Photo by Mike Girard.

  9. Sunny SlideSan Diego, CA: 1.16.14. Stefan Kaiter-Snyder of Team Mids rocking a beauty of a heelside check, filling the frame with his skivvies and Eastern Boarder tat on full display. Photo by me. -MG

  10. Racing Tight. Barrett Junction, CA: 1.26.14. Zak Maytum, Aaron Hampshire and Max Ballesteros riding tight in the Barrett Outlaw final. Not in picture: Tim Del Rosario, who would snake everyone for the win. Photo by me. -MG

  11. Barrett Junction Finals. CA, 1.26.14. Zak Maytum, Aaron Hampshire, Max Ballesteros and Tim Del Rosario racing over the chunder and through the rocks. Photo by me. -MG

  12. The Creation of Adam. Canadians Mack Wacey and Colin Paon of the RedEyezDH crew raging a steep, cracked lefty on an iconic San Diego run, caught in a strikingly “Michelangelo” moment. Photo by me. -MG

  13. teammids:

    Norm Plante. M4L

  14. Dat’s my Midsboy Norm Plante. [Source video] -MG

    (Source: skate-every-damnday, via skateboardboy)

  15. Attack the Mountains. Pyrénées, France. Matt K rages down a steep, narrow, gravely path in the French Pyrénées. Photo by me. -MG