1. White Mountains Raw Run - Mike Girard
    Team Mids traveled up to the White Mountains to explore some new terrain this past weekend. Here’s my last run down one of the beauties we found. -MG
    Song: STRFKR “Yayaya,” Film: Pete Lafreniere

  2. Grip It. Windham Mt, NY - 6/21/14. Photo: Ross Earhart, Rider: me

    Super fun racing at I Love DH this weekend! Here’s one of my first runs on the new @orangatangwheels 83a Kegels. Really dug them on this course, especially in the straightaway. My new Predator DH-6 Zen pro model got its first use, flossed out with silver mirror visor. Looking forward to the next race, Gravity Fest in Munnsville, NY! -MG

  3. Railing the lefty. #MLF2014, Mesa De Las Tablas, Mexico. Rider: Mike Girard, gripping after a predrift for the course’s fastest left. Photo series by Claudio Uribe for Onboard Distribution.

  4. Central Mass 5 - Aug 15-17, 2014 - Harvard, MA. 
    $5,000 cash purse. Presenting sponsors: loadedboards, Bear Trucks, Divine Wheel CoG-Form. Official tags: #CentralMass5 #SkateCentralMA.
    Open registration begins June 15th at 8:00PM EST via http://skatecentralMA.com/registration. 
    Find all the essential registration & sponsor info via Wheelbase Magazine's newest post at http://www.wheelbasemag.com/central-mass-5-registration-starts-615/. Start planning your trip, and see you in Harvard!
    -Mike Girard, Organizer

  5. Max Wippermann. #PCFP14. Photo: MG

  6. Rambles Through the Range of Light. Very stoked on this new loadedboards short film, capturing the wide range of capabilities offered by the just-released Overland deck. Slow- to medium-speed DH & freeride, putting, park, street.. hell, Ethan even makes buttboarding look good. Plenty of laughs along the way. Enjoy! -MG

  7. Steezy Steven Sanchez. Push Culture Family Picnic. Sanchez keeps it right and tight with this compact heelside predrift at #PCFP14. Photo: MG

  8. Niko Desmarais, Toeside Prédrift. #PCFP14. Photo by me. -MG

  9. Justin Rolo, Toeside Predrift. Push Culture Family Picnic; Burke Mt., VT. Photo by me. -MG

  10. Toeside Predrift at #MLF2014Photo: Jossy Ricao. Rider: Mike Girard

  11. 70 MPH. I hit 70 this weekend on my skateboard, my fastest top speed by a solid margin. It was intense. Here is the footage! 
    Rider: Mike Girard    Film/edit: Tom Leary

  12. Gripping back up. Pagoda DH - Reading, PA. Rider: Mike Girard, Photo: Ross Earhardt. -MG

  13. thisislongboarding:

    2014 Predator DH6 lineup.

  14. #1 Dad. Another shot of my new NJK leathers, this time from the side. Here’s one for the anti-selfie contingent ;) Mega thanks again to Paris Trucks, G-Form, loadedboards & orangatangwheels for their support! -MG

  15. RDVX Grip - #CantBeStopped2014 trip video. Rad new edit featuring Louis Pilloni, Axel Serrat, Brett Ciabattini, Jimmy Riha and Daniel Luna shredding hard in SoCal. -MG