1. Laser eyes. Stefan K-S shooting photon beams out of his eyes on the drive home from Burlington. (Canon 60D: ISO 100, 17 mm, f/5, 15.0”) -Mike

  2. tripleblackdiamondlb:

    Bout to shred w the infamous @emgeemann!! #longboarding #longboard #skate (Taken with Instagram at Providence, RI)

    Nice little session! Little pins was a great find. Some nice photos from this sesh will be up today. -MG

  3. Colgate Club Case at 3AM. Canon 60D, 50mm f/1.8 lens. ISO 500, f/10, 10”

  4. Nighttime Dashboard Lights. Long exposure zoom roll tests while sitting shotgun. I zoomed in progressively in the top photo, and vice versa for the bottom photo. -Mike

  5. msbrawl:

    Doing this! Bring it

    Don’t see why not! This sounds fun, already a few ideas brewing. -Mike

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  6. its no atlas slider, but it gets the job done and costs a fraction of the price.

    [Submitted by SkateDistrict]

    This looks awesome! Any instructions for this somewhere, or is this a Weaves special custom creation? If the latter… can you help me with one this summer??

  7. TOMORROW! Otang releases its Balut wheels tomorrow worldwide… who’s excited??? You can buy them here. So stoked on these! -Mike

  8. nosemannyshuv:


    Brian Bishop Original Apex 40.

    Sick session, more to come!

    A bangin’ Bish/Weaves collab as always! Great shots and skating mah dudes.

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  9. Photo by Mike Girard

  10. Splashy Manual. Rider: Nick Burkus. Photo: me. -MG

  11. Balut Sliding in Cali, Pt.2. [Part 1] Paul Kent, heelside check on a Rayne Vendetta and 83a Orangatang Baluts. Photo by Patrick Switzer on my Canon 60D. -MG

  12. Orangatang Balut. Photo by me on my Canon 60D w/ 50mm f/1.8 Canon prime. 1/20”, f/1.8, ISO 320 - Testing out the new tripod (Dolica Proline 60” w/ ball head). [Tripod test part2].

    These wheels are MAGICAL. 3+ hours of big standers sessioning some corners on the gnarly Tuna pavement and my 83a’s are still big & round. Very durable and predictable… I’m in love! Even Jonathan Douglas can’t seem to kill his 80a’s after a couple weeks of daily pounding. -Mike

  13. Drift. Ethan Cochard drifts his way steezily through the corner with a scenic ocean & mountain view as his backdrop. Riding the Loaded DH/Freeride proto on Otang Baluts with G-Form elbow pads. Photo by Patrick Switzer on my Canon 60D. -MG

  14. In The Air. -MG

  15. Stim Generations. 86a Orangatang Stimulus. One generation (blue core) near the beginning of its life, and one (white core) near the end. -MG